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Welcome to Blood Vendetta on Spinebreaker!!

Blood Vendetta was established as a World of Warcraft guild on the Velen server back in 2006 with BlackWidow, Vaindame, and Grav, and has expanded to World of KungFu and now Rohan Online, and recently was created in WOW on the Spinebreaker server. Blood Vendetta is set apart from other guilds because our focus is on our members, and not what our members do, their stats, or experience. Our focus is on teamwork, friendship and fun. We all go out of our way to help one another and to make sure ALL members are part of our family. We are not specifically any type of guild, Raid, PvP, or leveling, though we do them all! We never want to lose a member because of something we can't provide. Blood Vendetta has nearly 500 members on Spinebreaker alone and continues to grow not just as a community, but as a family. If this sounds like the type of guild for you, please feel free to apply! If you have questions you're welcome to contact any of our members in game and they will be happy to answer them or send ya an invite. Thank you for taking the time to check us out, hope to play with you soon! VainDame (Guild Master)

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